We advise you on everything you need so that your company can sell to other countries:


Search and / or verification of supplier / customer.

Quality control

Quality check of the products (certificates), and of their compliance with the country’s legislation.

Cost review

Verification of requirements (licenses, specific authorizations) necessary for the operation.

Associated costs

Calculation of the associated costs (transport, insurance, duties and taxes).


If your company does not have an international commercial department or experience in a given territory, but needs representation for the promotion of its products or services, we offer a commercial representation service.

We act as your commercial office, participating in the design of your commercial policy, collaborating in the development of the international marketing plan, promoting your products or services and contacting potential clients in the chosen territory.

The advantages of this modality are multiple.

We have our own client portfolio and great commercial experience in very varied sectors and territories.

We collect useful information about the market that affects your company in order to keep up with changes in the industry and competition, which translates into a sales strategy and future plans more in line with current dynamics.

We are oriented to achieve the results expected by your company. We save you costs with respect to other implementation modalities, by converting fixed costs into variables.

We become ambassadors of your company to the world, so our good procedure guarantees the consolidation of your brand in the eyes of potential customers.

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The commercial trip is a commercial promotion tool widely used for its foreign trade actions.
Thus, the participating companies have the opportunity to show their offer of products and services, in addition to knowing directly the potential customers or distributors.

At the same time you can evaluate the existing business opportunities in the visited country.

Our extensive network of contacts allows us to organize personalized agendas, to contact potential clients.


We prepare your internationalization plan so that, in addition to marking the direction of your company, you can start implementing as soon as possible, contemplating all the necessary aspects.

Internationalization Plan Services

Previous diagnosis of the potential of the company and its products.

Study and selection of potential markets.

Analysis of regulations, necessary procedures and costs for the start of the activity.

Advice on input channel selection.

Product adaptation and commercial tools.

Search, prioritization and organization of the company's presence in fairs relevant to its activity.

Advice on collections, international contracts, customs and logistics, risk control.

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The creation of joint-ventures is a great commitment to internationalization.

Although it involves a greater investment, relying on a local partner considerably reduces commercial risk and improves business competitiveness.

If you have decided to implant yourself in a new territory, but you don’t know how to do it, we will advise you throughout the whole process:

Search for local partners and identification of synergies.

Subsequent negotiation and contract signing.

Until its implementation.