Featured Services

We advise you on everything you need so that your company can sell to other countries:

  • Search and / or verification of supplier / customer.
  • Quality check of the products (certificates), and of their compliance with the country’s legislation.
  • Checking requirements (licenses, specific authorizations) necessary for the operation.
  • Calculation of the associated costs (transport, insurance, duties and taxes).

If you need business representation abroad, we help you:

  • We act as your commercial office
  • We participate in the design of your commercial policy
  • We collaborate in the development of the international marketing plan
  • We promote your products or services
  • We contact potential potential customers in the chosen territory.

Viajes comerciales como herramienta para conocer clientes

  • We boost your foreign trade actions
  • Opportunity to show your offer of products and services
  • Evaluate existing business opportunities in the visited country.

If you have decided to implant yourself in a new territory, but you don’t know how to do it, we advise you throughout the whole process:

  • Search for local partners and identification of synergies.
  • Subsequent negotiation and contract signing.
  • Until its implementation.

If your company does not have an internationalization plan

We help you to elaborate it contemplating all the necessary aspects.